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I'M BACK! Or getting there at least.. and it's super exciting times for MeMedicine!

Introducing the brand spanking new MeMedicine clinic!! To say I am excited is an understatement!

It has been an incredibly busy year for me - after the birth of our son in October we started viewing properties almost instantly (I know - we must have been slightly mental!) and then after a lot of back and forth we finally moved house in April. It felt like a whirlwind but a drag all at the same time; anyone who's sold and bought a house will understand the total onslaught that comes with it!

With a newborn it can seem even more stressful... but I kept a level head and told myself I would not get attached to the new place until we had the go ahead on paper. The moment we stepped into our new house on moving day it was all worth it. We have so much more space here, and our son will have the freedom to run around causing havoc when he does start moving (we're not quite at that stage just yet and I am making the most of it ha ha!). We have amazing memories at our old place, and it's lovely to know I will one day be able to tell Tommy he was actually born there, in our bedroom!

One of the best things about the new house (if not THE best!) is my little hideaway at the end of the garden. A fully kitted out log cabin with a built in juice/tea bar (YEP!), it literally beckoned me in when we viewed the property. The vibe is so calm and inviting, and it's got a lovely sitting area for my nutritional consultations and EFT, plus a separate area for treatments - and there is enough space for Women's Circles to start taking place again soon too. It is like my little haven!! I am starting to feel a little nervous with college just around the corner and feel like my brain is slightly frazzled full of nursery rhymes... but everyone keeps telling me it will all come back to me, so I am just staying positive and trying to get ahead of myself with finding clients for my assessed consultations. If you are reading this and like the sound of this please do get in touch with me via email: Sessions are heavily discounted (both an initial AND follow up will only cost you £40!) and you can be 100% assured you will receive an expert nutritional protocol to follow since I have to have everything approved by my practitioner lecturers before it can leave the room!

Watch this space - things are about to get interesting!!!! :)