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School’s out for summer... a reflection on my second year of studies in Naturopathic Nutrition

Since school is out, I now have my results (I passed, yippee!) and I have a little more time on my hands now, I felt it was appropriate to make this month’s blog about my second year of college and share a little bit about what I have learnt and how far I feel I have come. The most enjoyable thing about this year by FAR, was observing clinics run by qualified practitioners. Being a very practical and hands-on learner, I feel I gained so much knowledge by watching and listening to clients give their cases. Being a natural empath, sometimes I found it really difficult to hold back my emotions and had to make sure I journalled when I got home after a long day, in order to ensure I was releasing and reflecting. As with any therapy, when a client triggers something in you it should be seen as a huge learning curve. I can sometimes experience this with my Reiki and EFT clients and I am always grateful for every single client since they each allow me to heal myself more and more with the issues that their issues trigger for me. Being an empath I find it easy to listen to my intuition and this has seen my own clinic grow and clients return. With nutrition however I am still very much learning; and although intuition and being a ‘health detective’ plays a huge part, the science part can never be ignored and it was fascinating to see how all the theory I have been studying so hard on actually now came into play in a practical application sense. It made me realise how much I actually do know – despite often doubting my own ability (something I have to work on continuously; I have lacked confidence in my own intellect since I was small), and this gave me a huge confidence boost. I also became really excited thinking about qualifying and being able to do what I saw the practitioners doing, which was empower and educate people. Often a client would come in with closed body language, looking nervous and unsure, but after receiving their personalised protocol looked like a different person – someone who was involved, excited for change and ready to take on the world. This literally would make my heart sing; reassuring me even more so that this path I have taken is the right one. In the final year, clinic will be run completely by the students as opposed to the practitioners; which is slightly daunting but also really excites me. It feels like it was only five minutes ago I enrolled on the course, so I can feel how fast things are going and I want to make sure I relish every minute of every experience so I can look back and remember my college days fondly. Before I know it I will be catapulted into the real world of seeing Nutrition clients in my own clinic; and I can play a key role in helping transform people’s health. I CAN’T WAIT! 🙌