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Your health really is your wealth

It’s that old classic saying, but my god if you stop and actually think about this will you realise it’s probably something most people are taking zero notice of. Now this post is not going to be an NHS bashing exercise. I always maintain that the NHS do an excellent job in treating people who need acute medical attention in emergencies; they save hundreds of lives everyday and that deserves the utmost respect. I mean, please don’t call my naturopath if I go into cardiac arrest... What the NHS does poorly though, is look after people with chronic disease. People who need more time and attention to detail. People who don’t understand their symptoms and want answers. People who are on lots of different medication, are down and depressed and are often suffering in silence. People who might need something of a lifestyle change instead of another pill to add to the daily list. My point here is we need to take back the control. For too long people have handed themselves and their health over to the medical profession and accepted the outcomes, believing that ‘doctors know best’. Unfortunately doctors do not always know best, as they are working long hours, seeing 40 patients a day (for a mere 5 minutes at a time) and they have been trained to treat your symptoms and not the ROOT CAUSE of your issues. This is where education, empowerment, diligence and questioning come into play. Your health is YOUR wealth, not anyone else’s. Would you rather take that prescription without question, or would you prefer to see if there is another way? Now to be clear, if you have a severe systemic infection for example and need antibiotics to fight it and potentially save your life I am not suggesting for a minute you refuse treatment. But that stomach ‘bug’ you had for a day, that actually thinking about it, you’ve had on and off for a year or so now, since you moved house and went through a really stressful few months for that matter... do you really need more antibiotics for that? Might it be more beneficial to try and start understanding what’s really driving this tummy ‘upset’ that keeps returning, and feels like it only seems to return when you’re feeling anxious and stressed? As you know, I study Naturopathic Nutrition and I have witnessed first hand when observing in clinics this year the complete turn around in a client from when they walk in the room to when they leave. When they feel heard, they feel they’ve been understood, and the practitioner has spent time with them explaining the potential root cause of their issues and how they can make diet and lifestyle changes to rectify these issues, they often leave with a smile and whole different demeanour. They are finally in control of their own health destiny and they feel utterly EMPOWERED. Even writing those words gives me goosebumps! I have sat in clinics like that with my heart literally singing with joy for the client as they leave. This is the ‘job’ (well, currently student!) satisfaction that my colleagues and I get and will continue to get as qualified Nutritionists. My current practice is very self-care based, offering therapies such as Reiki, Indian Head Massage, meditation technique and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I am a firm believer in the angels and the power of the universe personally - but whether you are spiritual in any way or not, for me building a self-care routine into your life is also KEY. Nutrition and self-care go hand in hand; getting your sleep, exercising and making time for yourself to destress from your busy life and regroup. I invite you to take a step back next time you plan to visit your GP, to ask yourself what is it you THINK you need. Then consider the aspects of your life that may be out of balance and question what it is your body, your mind, your soul is really asking you for. If you search hard enough and deep enough the answers will not be hard to come by. Empower yourself. Seek out the right path. Remember that MeMedicine helps you find the life tonic that’s right for you. I can provide mentoring alongside many other therapies - please do get in touch if you are interested in working with me 😊 Love & MeTonic ❤️🙏 🌈