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The beauty of surrender

How often do we put up resistance to the flow of life in the hope that things will go the way we want them to? How often have you caught yourself almost saying a little prayer that an outcome will be granted to you; that new job, that house offer being accepted, that you don’t miss the plane, that your boyfriend won’t cheat on you?

Once we admit that whatever we resist in life will persist, we can start to be free. This is the same concept as wanting something so badly - by pushing or pulling and putting up resistance or trying to force an outcome, we are messing with our life’s path (or trying to). Our ego is constantly there telling us about the life we should be living and what we need to make it perfect. It’s always going to be there, but we have a choice whether to let it control us. It is not always easy, but once you commit to surrender, it’s like a huge weight is lifted. Once you let go of resistance and trust in the angels and the flow of life; your higher truth, all the energy we have used fighting and trying to please our egos becomes inner peace, love and stillness - and we can reap the rewards. The best thing about surrender is that it’s much less effort than resistance and that constant tiring back and forth we have with our ego (am I selling this well?!)

No one is saying this comes easily... it takes practice, a lot of practice. I still need to check myself almost daily and can very easily become caught up in my fear thoughts, the ‘what-ifs’ and the predicted negative outcome of a situation. But when I sit and take the time to ask myself ‘I wonder where that thought had come from’ and I sit with my emotion and then let it go, the feeling of freedom and relief is euphoric. 

We are all human and our fear thoughts are there to keep us ALIVE, without them we could just go walking off cliffs trusting we could fly... and that would just be silly :) BUT when we can channel the fear and ask WHY we hold fear, reframe the thought and surrender to our universal path, the fear slowly trickles away. By knowing and trusting there is something so much bigger than us, something that knows exactly where we are headed, it actually makes you feel so free and clear to flow with the pace of life comfortably, knowing that your own intuition will guide you and that you have all the support you could ever need.

Next time you start analysing a situation and you are sitting with fear, ask yourself a few questions ... do I know this to be true? Is it just a predicted outcome? What if I can just recognise this thought, and then let it go? When you take control of thoughts and realise we are not them, we are able to be free. 

Love and MeTonic