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Happy new year, happy new you...

Welcome to 2018 everyone :)

I hope you all had a super peaceful and relaxing Christmas break with your loved ones, and have managed to recoup, regroup and feel energised with what the new year will bring you.

Today we move into a new moon; Capricorn. New moons are a blessing and the perfect opportunity to let go of whatever is not serving us anymore. We are presented with the chance to work on our inner selves in order to make key subconscious outward changes that will be so very rewarding. Reflection enables us to grow and move forward into new areas, recognising what may have been holding us back.

If you watched my live video on Facebook last weekend, which you can access at the following link: ...I shared a simple protective technique I use in order to keep the integrity of my energy. At any given time we are able to control how we respond in the presence of others. We hold this power! As long as you protect your own energy, you can (yes, you really can - with practice) withstand any feeling of 'attack' coming from others. It is important to remember that absolutely everyone has their own inner struggle. Rather than retaliate with a fearful perspective (getting defensive, feeling angry) try to respond with love. Take a minute and use the technique below to gather your thoughts. You don't even have to move away from the situation - you can imagine the white mist filling you up whilst you sit at your desk, and deep breathe for a few seconds. It is so hard sometimes not to take things to heart, but in order to be in alignment with the universe and vibrate at the same frequency we must take a small step back and REALIGN. It is so very rewarding to feel like nothing can touch you, since you are at peace with yourself and your own choices in life. Of course this reaction will not happen overnight, and it does not come naturally. I can vouch for this! It takes heaps of practise - meditation, a strong internal dialogue and daily affirmations. I am still learning this myself, but the more I stay committed to my practise I realise that all situations put in front of me are lessons from the universe that I must be grateful for. We are all products of our past and our upbringings; events and traumas we have experienced throughout our lives will naturally play a part, even if we believe we have let them go. Sometimes they remain so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we have no idea why we react to certain triggers in such ways. The best way to see what is coming up for you is to sit with your emotions and ASK YOURSELF. Why did this feeling come up for me? What is it that triggered this negative feeling? Sitting with yourself can be tough, really tough. It's something I have struggled with personally - and this is fear getting in the way. Fear of the truth, actually. But let the emotions come and then reflect. It is enlightening. It may be painful sometimes, but you will grow stronger daily. I am sharing my journey with you and I promise you that dedication to your practice will reap rewards and the universe really will support you along the way (as will I!)

Sending lots of protective energy and light your way ;)

Love and MeTonic