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Heart over head ❤️

Today was quite a big deal for me! I finally posted a video (it wasn’t live, that’s the next hurdle) to my social media pages, which I had been wanting to do since launching MeMedicine, but something had been holding me back - and on a video call this morning with a coach I met recently and really connected with, I homed into the fact that that ‘something’ was fear. Fear of judgement, and not necessarily from others but mainly from myself. Would I watch it back and cringe? Was what I had to say boring? Would people actually watch, or care? Would I stumble and mutter and say ‘erm’ too much (yes probably as it’s bloody hard not to!)

Anyway I pressed record, let the words and emotion come, and I didn’t even watch it back, I simply pressed post and tried not to overthink things too much. I was in a really positive space and inspired after my session to go with my heart and lay things on the table. What was the worst that could happen? I was speaking my truth, and that made me feel good. Even if only one person watched and was inspired, my goal would have been achieved. We all struggle daily, whatever that struggle may encompass. It’s so easy to listen to our heads over our hearts - the ego constantly on at us to prove our worth. ‘I must get this done, I must push harder, I must be better’. I felt a massive sense of release today when I looked fear directly in the face and turned my back on it, looking into my heart and honouring what my spirit and body was asking me for in that moment. And boy did it pay off. I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and really embraced it. Feeling stressed, run down, under the weather are all purposeful physical signs to us from our bodies that we need to slow down. Sometimes we really must stop to listen to the very core of our beings and just NURTURE OURSELVES. Looking fear in the face and asking for love in its place is you taking back control and CHOOSING to see love instead. An example could be you are really stressed worrying if you’ve upset a good friend with something you said over a text. You’re fretting as she hasn’t replied in nearly half a day and you’re starting to worry she’s annoyed or angry at you, you wish you could take back what you said in the moment but you sent the message and what’s done is done. Now rather than looking at the situation with fear, why not think about the love between you both as friends, and the fact that she’s a busy Mum with kids, she works, she’s juggling life. The same way you are juggling life. The same way we all are. Even if she is annoyed at you, she would have the guts to say so and let you explain. And even if she didn’t speak to you for another day or so, perhaps it’s because she’s dealing with her own struggle; not that you are not important to her. This is all about changing the perspective on things. It’s asking the universe to give you back what you put out. If you project love, you will receive love. By tuning in with the universe and becoming alert to things like synchronicity (like the example in my video about the chest openings in my yoga class) we can work in sync with it. Whenever we begin to feel out of sync, which inevitably we will as fear will never go away - we can simply thank the universe for the lesson and choose to see love again.

Here’s to always honouring your spirit and speaking your truth 🙌

Love & MeTonic