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The Moon in our Stars

Scorpio New Moon – 18th November, 11:42am

Yesterday was a significant day! We have just entered a new moon phase, and this 11th New Moon is an energetic movement allowing us to move slowly through whatever we’ve been experiencing of late, with a view to flourishing and growing in the longer term. Lunar Day 1 is about new beginnings and drawing up plans for the future. I am in no doubt that most of you are thinking ‘what the hell are you talking about?’ (unless of course this is something you are well-versed in!), well - moon phasing is something I have recently become very interested in, and I thought I would impart my newly-found knowledge with you seeing as MeMedicine’s mantra is about healing the self, but also discovery (the two naturally go hand in hand).

The Moon calendar is something I find both fascinating and significant; I believe there is a lot of sense behind the messages. After all, Earth is such a tiny part of the universe – there has to be something much larger than us and our little day to day lives impacting the worldly goings-on that we experience; something beyond our awareness, something really powerful.Have you ever had that feeling that your day is on go-slow, you’re clock-watching, you’re feeling lethargic like you just lack ‘something’ (but you’re not sure what), even everyone else around you seems to have low energy and you might feel like something is afoot but you just cannot put your finger on what? Well, there is something that exists called a ‘Moon Void-of-Course’, and it’s something I personally find fascinating. In a nutshell, when the Moon makes a final aspect to a planet, it usually stays in the sign for a while before it enters a new sign. The period of time between when the Moon makes a final aspect and before it enters a new sign is defined as a void-of-course time period. When you learn about when these voids are taking place, it can give you a sense of control in terms of your intentions for a particular day –when you do not have support from the Moon you may alter the way you go about something important. It is generally thought that anything of importance started on these dates/times will end in no result. For example you may not wish to plan an important business meeting for thatday, you might wish to stay out of a family drama, or you may delay making an offer on that new house. You can even start to learn to interpret the movement of the Moon through your birth chart – this is something I am just starting to delve deeper into too.

As you know I practice Reiki and have a firm alignment to the healing energy it brings. I am going to start bringing the Moon and it’s meaning into my practice, in order to bring some further purpose and hopefully enlightenment. I may begin to offer specific healings based on your own birth sign in the Moon and what is coming up for you, so we can channel your healing efforts in the right way and use the Violet Flame for protection during these times. I will keep you all posted with this! If the Moon is now exciting you and you want to learn more yourself, a really good website I have enjoyed looking at is Lunarium – it details all Moon Void-of-Course dates and also offers insights if you hover over the symbols, with a useful key for all the symbols at the bottom of the page:

Love and MeTonic, with the Moon in your stars